February 2018 Printable Calendar Template

Hello guys hope you are doing well and our calendar designs helped you a lot in your planning for the January month. This time we are back with the February month which is one of the most exciting months of the entire year where you just feel the love flowing through the air. Well, love […]

January 2018 Printable Calendar Template

Hello, guys hope you guys have been well. I just wanted to say that it’s a new beginning for a fresh new year with the first month being January as we all already know but, did you know that you can make this first month more valuable and productive as well as more enjoyable with […]

2018 Calendar with Holidays [US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA]

Well, the main purpose of any calendar would be the purpose of giving out all the holidays that each country gets. And this is no exception for the countries of us, up, Canada and other countries out there that sure do provide something much more interesting in their calendars as well and this would be […]

Full Moon Calendar 2018 | Moon Schedule Calendar 2018

From the earlier century, no one knows the significant dates as to when and how did the full moons even occur but then due to recent advancements of science and technology we sure have discovered the various stages and as to when and how these stages are formed in the day to day life. But […]

Islamic Calendar 2018 | Hijri Calendar 1439

There aren’t much calendar’s out there that can provide you with a lot of information on the Islamic dates and timings as to what happens when, but if you have come here to find out more about the Islamic calendar 2018 UK, USA, UAE, South Africa, Dubai then you sure are in the right place […]

Hindu Calendar 2018 with Tithi | Panchang 2018 [Vikram Samvat 2074]

Many of the people in India hey sure do know how to keep track about the various kinds of festivals and as to how they can make the best out of each of the days that they tend to celebrate it as festivals or as some auspicious day in general. Well, we are talking about […]

Printable Calendar 2018

Let’s start with a common question for today’s Era that what we use to manage our events and important aspects of our lives. We all know that in this era of technology we usually forget our old routines and habits? As for the Printable Calendars 2018, These are usually used as decorative items these days […]